My First and Last LD2L Blog

June 19, 2019

Catsby Reporting In

I have to say that this entire season of LD2L has been an entire headache and a frustrating experience. Which is upsetting because I really enjoyed the league in the past, and feel like I play with and know a good amount of the userbase since they hang out in Koala Stack.

Starting off with the season, I managed to draft a great lineup of players:


Going into LD2L with this team, I felt pretty confident since I have pretty good synergy with Roar, and Venuz and TrySoft seem to play with each other all the time. We had experience playing with each other and the only new person who I didn’t know in this team was Looter, who happens to be a pretty solid player and a great pickup for a fourth/fifth pick in the draft.

However, quickly after that’s when shit started to hit the fan.

Problem Uno

Scheduling Woes

Going into this season I actually wanted to try hard and play seriously with a main focus on winning. I personally find the best experience in Dota is having a team who are all on the same page, following calls, and doing everything in their power to win. With that in mind I actually wanted to get at least 2 scrims in a week before each official game.

Unfortunately, it seems like our entire team’s schedule doesn’t align at all. Between everyone dealing with real life stuff, TrySoft having an inconsistent schedule with work, and Venuz living in China or some shit. That’s fine, we won’t be able to go super try hard, but as long as people show up on game day and play to win.

For this reason alone though, I highly suggest LD2L have people list their weekly schedules or availability, so future captains can draft players that can actually play together sometime throughout the week.

Problem Dos

The Venuz Arc

“I will personally murder Venuz dont tempt me” - Brionne

All the issues surrounding Venuz was incredibly disappointing. My second picked player, our team’s position 1, is literally incapable of playing Dota 2 on the weekends.

It seemed like he had internet problems ever since the Battlepass dropped. I had a fair share of my own, with Dota 2 crashing every time we got to strategy phase time in game forcing me to restart it every time. Making the entire situation even more frustrating than it should have been.

Hoping that he would eventually get this sorted out, I gave the boi around three weeks to see if it will get fixed, but it never seemed to work out.

Along with this issue, and various real life stuff coming up for my players. It seemed like we needed a standin to two standins every week. Having to forfeit three weeks straight, it was really demotivating and draining to the point where I was barely caring about the league at all.

In the end, we had to part ways with Venuz kicking him from the team and finding a more stable player who was actually able to play during game time.

Fortunately for our team, we were able to find a replacement pretty quickly. Picking up Atifex and having a few players switch up their roles, and putting Roar into a stable role where he can shine.

Looking back at the whole Venuz problem, it was probably for the better to kick him. I think I made the mistake of not kicking him sooner, even with his internet issues he had Flocka on his dodge list and the egos on the two of them could have made games harder and more tilting than they should be.

Problem Tres

The Captain Who Cried Disband

This one was entirely my fault. Cryptic and I rescheduled our game on Week 4 to Scrim Week 2. I asked my entire team a week ahead of time if they can make it to this game, and they all said yes.

This was it, our new lineup.

No more Venuz internet problems to hold us back.

We manage to get four people in Dota, alright. Just need Roar or Flocka to show up and we can play.

Game time. Still no Roar or Flocka…

At this point, I just felt done. We got rid of our main issue, managed to get four peeps online, and there were still two who didn’t show up. It seemed like I was just wasting my entire team’s time at this point having them plan their Sunday afternoons to play a few dota games, and not being able to properly deliver.

I felt really bad. I convinced Roar to sign up for this season, drafted these other players, and due to a various amount of bullshit we just couldn’t play.

However, this was just a clear over exaggeration on my part, I just let the frustration get to me and I declared that we are disbanding. I should have just waited or looked for a standin for the game, eventually both Roar and Flocka showed up. Roar was stuck in traffic, and Flocka took a comfy, long nap before the game.

It happens, it’s all good.

Before we played I had issues with the ld2l site, but I think it was purely user error from just wanting the game to start I didn’t properly swap out the roster since we let TrySoft go pack up and go on his trip.

I wanna apologize to ButteryGreg for being unreasonable during that situation. He works hard on the site and made LD2L one of the best Dota Leagues out there. He didn’t deserve my idiotic tantrum that made me look like a bigger ass than 2GD.

We eventually manage to play against Cryptic and ended up winning both games. It was probably the best Dota I played in a long while, everyone seemed to tryhard and it felt coordinated.

Roar owned in midlane, Flocka’s tilting was kept to a minimum even though he had some difficult lanes, Looter owned even though I switched him to a new position, Atifex came through and rekt’d in the offlane, and TrySoft was checking in to make sure we were owning.

Six weeks into the league, including scrim weeks, we finally got to play out our second BO2, and we killed it.

Hell yeah!

Going Forward

“the only time i listen to catsby is if i wanna lose the game” - Brionne

I just wanted to make this blog to explain the situation that has been surrounding our team.

I don’t blame anyone for the situation that happened with our team, I think it was just a series of unfortunate events. It sucks that it happened, but at least it’s behind us now.

A lot of the enjoyment that I used to get from Dota has been degrading a lot over time for me. It’s a completely different game from when I started playing and learning it. Each major patch changes a significant amount to the game and I’m pretty tired of having to relearn new metas and having to be up-to-date with everything.

I don’t plan on disbanding the team, or leaving the team.

After this season ends, I plan on taking a long break from Dota 2 so I can focus more on real life and minimize the amount of time I spend on my computer.

Catsby out.