The Tower of Friendship

August 13, 2019

It’s over, LD2L Season 5 has come to an end, and the wicked, rulebooking Scrub who rained havoc upon the discord servers has finally been defeated. No longer do people have to live in fear of having a couple of baboons becoming the first Master’s League winners.

Going into this season, my relationship with Dota has been fluctuating since I’ve been playing this game for over seven years now. However, I had a small glimmer of motivation that I wanted to nurture to make me want to play the game again. Unfortunately, things don’t always play out the way we intend them.

There were a lot of issues with Master’s League and I don’t blame the admins at all for it. The high amount of forfeits along with 1paz’s team actually forfeiting in the playoffs and a large amount of players who apparently just don’t want to play the game is baffling to say the least. It’s understandable if you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated to play, especially when it comes to league games, since it feels like an obligation at times. I felt that too at times, but whenever I jump on Dota and play with my team, I play to win. However, if you’re feeling that way do yourself and your team a favor and just don’t sign up or take a break.

Anyways, let’s move on to what everyone’s waiting for the player reviews for the Season Five Champions.


What can I say, I played with Roar for seven years in Dota. We’ve been through a handful of groups and leagues together. Ranging back with our friend stack I made from Reddit, to Cheeky League, and now LD2L. I told him to sign up and I’ll be a captain to draft him, even though he doesn’t follow much Dota anymore and neither of us play back like we used too resulting in some outdated skill builds and items, I stilled valued him as first pick material because of our synergy.

He is a solid player with great mechanical skill and a wide hero pool which enabled us to have more diverse drafts, along with making it possible to swap him out of mid whenever we needed him to play safelane certain games.

Roar is probably the only player I know that I could confidently put him on any role with pretty much any hero and I know he will style on a few kids in the process. He is probably one of the most PMA players I actually played with and hardly ever heard him tilt over the course of seven years of Dota. I could talk about Dota, drafting, and theory-crafting with this boi for hours on end.


Holy shit! Flocka has been slept on in this league for so long. As a third player pick, he managed to put in a lot of work and owned a majority of our games. Initially, I had him as our mid player but once Venuz left he decided to play carry and I allowed him putting Roar as our mid. He is a greedy boi and tends to push his heroes to the limit, even overextending at times. I’m surprised this is his first championship in LD2L with how much of a beast he is at Dota. A lot of our drafts and team planning was centered around making sure Flocka has a good game. Our Dusa and Alch strategies just relied purely on Flocka getting great farm so we can push down a lane together when he is out of control and get a rax, most of the time I would let Flocka play whatever he wanted since I knew he would manage to stomp with the hero.

This season has shown just how valuable of a player Flocka is, but there are a few drawbacks to this monster. He is a tilter which could have some negative impact on the mental game, but if you could manage to calm him down and allow Flocka to play his game, then it’s pretty much an easy win.


I wasn’t able to actually draft Atb since he signed up as a standin that was willing to play for a team if someone dropped out. When I had to kick Venuz and got Atifex as the permanent replacement there were a lot of comments saying that I downgraded, but honestly I don’t think I did. If anything getting him was probably the best decision I made, since a lot of other teams valued banning over his heroes for most of the games allowing Roar’s Death Prophet and Flocka’s Dusa to get through most games. On top of that his playstyle suited our team really well playing lane dominators that early farm and transitioned into fighting so we can free up space for Flocka to farm and let him have a game.

Atifex is a hero spammer that actually has a hero pool, which is impressive. The dude plays a lot of Dota, and he is usually always positive, even when we had to sack his lane in certain games he always managed to come back and have massive impact. I don’t think I could have gotten another player that suited our team’s playstyle and pacing as well as I could have with him.


When it comes to player drafts, I feel like supports are actually high value especially in Master’s League. It’s really hard to come across great support players since a majority of the players tend to be cores, but I lucked out with TrySoft. I managed to pick him up in the fourth phase pick, and was encouraged by Venuz since they have a lot of games played together. TrySoft was another great pick since he had a large hero pool of support heroes to pick from, and he is a godly oracle player.

Unfortunately for him, a lot of Flocka’s flame was directed towards him since they had to lane a lot together, but he was able to take it. I think the years of dealing with Venuz’s rage has forged him into one of the most PMA and chillest players out there. One of the drawbacks I had with him is I felt like he would stay in safelane too long at times, but he usually listens to every call I made and played with the team. If you’re looking for a great, PMA hard support, I highly suggest picking up TrySoft.


When it came to player drafting this season it was pretty strange, there were a lot of great players in the pool even at the last phase and Looter was one of ‘em. Another slept on player, and a real high value pick up. I have to thank my boi Venuz for suggesting and vouching for him during the draft, since I didn’t know Looter at all.

During the first few weeks the roles and what position everyone played on was kinda going back and forth since we didn’t really have a stable roster. Looter signed up as an offlaner, but we had to rotate him out with TrySoft most of the time. During this time, we got Atifex who shines in the offlane role, and Looter being a god managed to pick up Chen and Furion spamming them in his pubs and becoming our other hard support player. I felt like his playstyle and heroes matched the way we tried to play most games and allowed us to put a lot of early aggression in a lot of games. He has a lot of great draft ideas, during most of our games he hardly talks and plays more of a greedy support, but it worked out since I tend to not play greedy enough from pos 4.

Unfortunately, he was unable to make it to the Grand Finals because his internet went out, but he is still a champion. I don’t think our team could have gotten to the Finals without him. High value pick, and I highly doubt he will be last picked next season.

All I could really say is playing with the current team actually made me realize why I enjoyed Dota so much. The fun and stress of drafting that whatever hero you are gonna pick is gonna determine the next twenty to seventy-one minutes of the game, being able to shotcall and having your team confidently follow through your call, and trusting your team that they will play to their best ability and trusting their opinion for their lanes, and respecting each other’s ideas on how the game should be played.

I want to thank everyone who was rooting for us. TeeKay, Lava, Sarah, Pocket, Brionne, and anyone else out there that I missed. It’s great knowing that we had people who wanted to stop the great Scrub + Choco combo that has been wrecking teams left and right, also I’m sure if I actually let Scrub win this season I wouldn’t have had the will to continue living.

Shoutout to all the great admins that work hard to get this league going, other captains that had to go through the headache of this season, and our coach Clare who just sat in our discord channel then shat on our drafts with Treebeard every stream. ♥

With my last blog, I said I was gonna take a long Dota break after the season. However, playing with this team reignited my love for Dota in a way, I still want to take a short break though and focus more on myself without having to worry about playing League games and actually practicing. Instead, I think I’ll just layoff Dota for a while, but whenever I get an urge to just play I’ll join a few stacks and feed like a baboon.

All in all, the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone who is planning on becoming a captain next season:

Kick Venuz, Win League.