What I Use

February 22, 2020


Apparently, it’s popular among Dev Bloggers to make a blog about what software and hardware they use, since I’m trying to reach my quota of two whole blogs a month I’ll do one. Even though mine won’t be as lucrative or flex about my dank setup as the others it’ll show what a poor man uses to make websites.


Operating Systems

This is the main OS I use to do a majority of my web development, and coding. It’s pretty nice, occasionally it gives me problems which I have to spend half a day learning how to fix.

I’m dual booting with Windows being the main OS on my laptop. It’s nice since I use it to run most of games and streams. I occasionally use it for development, but it’s pretty lackluster compared to Ubuntu.


This is what I mainly use to create my blogs and code. I never had any issues with it, it has a tons of extensions to customize it, and it’s free.

Use it to keep most of my code and fill out the issues on how I want to improve my projects. It’s more a website than software, but I use it daily to keep track of my own progress.

Cmder is used whenever I want to code on Windows. Terminal is the best command line hands down, no contest.


I use this browser for everything and always liked it better than Chrome. The only time I use other browsers is when I want to check my websites and projects on them.

I hardly play games anymore, but when I do I like to look at my huge backlog of games on steam I’ll never play and get depressed.

I use this for all my music needs and lately been getting into podcasts so I’ve been using it for that as well.

What I mainly use to talk to other devs and my friends.

  • White Board

Not actual software. I just use paper and a white board for most of my designs and keep track of stuff I wanna complete in each day.


I picked up this laptop for pretty reasonable price after my desktop went out. It’s been working really well and I haven’t had much issues with it. My only main complaint is that the keys are spaced apart too much for my liking, but I got used to it quickly.

Picked up this headset a few years back for $40 bucks. Been using it daily whenever I’m on the computer. It has great sound quality and a good mic. My main issue with it is that the plastic holding the sides of the headset is cheap and breaks easily.

I’ve been using this mouse for years, I think I got it for like 5 bucks at Big Lots. It’s wired and not really impressive, it just does its job.